Cavalieri S.p.A.

The best points and resources of


are given by innovation, attention to details, excellent service and a good price-quality ratio.

Over the years

Cavalieri spa

has been able to understand the marked requirements and to offer solutions and right products to the

high-specialized Italian Home Textile Customers.

To develop its wide range of products Cavalieri Management created two separate channels to satisfy both Qualified Retail Clientele and Department Stores, which specialized Staff is taking care of.

Flexibility and utmost care to any detail are the secret of Cavalieri success either with Retail or Industrial Supply Contracts. Special collections, innovative fashion and classic proposals are studied by in-house Designers and mainly developed by Italian Manufacturers.

Also for Department Stores Cavalieri Company designs and creates specific products to satisfy individual needs, even with Customers' own Brands.

Cavalieri is today working with the most important Department Stores and its products are also distributed in Europe. They are also licensee of important International Brands for which they create, develop and produce a various range of items taking care of everything: quality, look and packaging.


New flagship store in Arezzo!

See you in in Via Crispi, 62 - Arezzo

Phone: 0575 21145

We are pleased to invite you to our new flagship store!

From Monday to Saturday: 10.00 - 13.00 | 16.00 - 20.00
We have the same opening times on the second Sunday of each month

See you in Viale Piave 40, 59100 Prato - Phone +39 0574 603593

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